Team up and explore the nooks and corners of the mysterious detective world which goes hand in hand with a series of brain teasing yet fun filled events. Get ready to witness a perfect blend of thrilling treasure hunt and master your detective skills.
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“In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”- Mark Zuckerberg. Start from scratch and strive for success. Trust your observation abilities and bid par excellence. Risk it; go for it and battle to Be a Billionaire.
Emotions are your worst enemy in the stock market. Hold on to your nerves and emotions going through the event and be smart and precise with your decisions before stepping into the stock exchange world, where buying and selling the best stocks at the correct time would make you the ‘Wolf of The Wallstreet’.
Do you have what it takes to escape from a locked room in 30 minutes or less? Find out at The S-cape Game, at AAROHAN 2019's interactive escape room experience. Boasting a transportive atmosphere and attentive gamekeepers, the venue's games are expertly crafted and intensely energetic. Teams will arrive at The Scape Game, where they will check in and receive instructions. They then will be locked into a room, working as a team to solve puzzles and unearth clues essential to their escape. Whether they succeed or fail in this team-building adventure, the teams are sure to build stronger relationships and improve their communication and problem-solving skills.
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Recruitment processes have always been tough, regressive and brain storming. Experience a perfectly arrayed real recruitment process that gives a competitive environment for the people with great control over their nerves.