Startup Fair
In this event students from NIT Durgapur and other esteemed colleges can apply for paid internship roles offered by the companies like GeeksforGeeks, Cognitfai, Mealrobs and many more. Internship offered will be for summer 2019. All year students can apply. It will be conducted on a portal provided by hellointern. Start-up Fair launches on 7th February 2019(Day 0 of Aarohan ‘19).
A business plan is a written document outlining the path that a typically new business is going to take to achieve its goals. The B-Plan Competition provides the real-world experience to the participating teams pitching their plans to a judging panel of business professionals and venture capitalist. The Event consists of two rounds. First one is the online round in which the teams( maximum 4 members) have to submit their B-Plans. The best B-Plans will be selected and selected teams will be called to pitch their ideas followed by brainstorming sessions by judges.
Quoting R.L.Stevenson, "Everyone lives by selling something."They do it every minute of their lives. But dexterity dwells in conjuring diamond with that. So this AAROHAN, get ready to tease and tire your salesmanship by getting down to business right from the ground up with your innovative ideas and convincing powers. With an aim to encourage creative and innovative marketing skills, Selldom welcomes young minds from different parts of the country to come up with different ways to market a product/service/commodity.
Everybody dreams of being a business tycoon. Everybody wants to walk in their shoes and feel what it’s like to be in their position.Bidweiser, a simulated auction, where you would get the opportunity to step into corporate shoes. Bid your way to the end and emerge as the richest tycoon if your abilities permit. Trust your instincts to make the best bid possible and be the best closer or make the wrong ones and be reduced to the states of a bankrupt pauper.
An ultimate conglomeration of thrill, tingle, and treat, Colossus will make a run for your swagger and smarts. There are no taking whacks at bizarre blocks of code, or incredible brainstorming or mind-boggling mysteries to unleash. It’s just pure unadulterated fun. So, have you got it in you, the kind of savvy to steal the show? Or will you tumble on your own bluff? Pull up your socks, gear up to appraise your strategies and find out!
Case Study
The Annual Case Study Competition is the social innovation and skill development event organised by E Cell, CCA NIT Durgapur where students will be given a problem situation related to fields like management, business, technology etc and they will have to think about every aspect possible to get the final solution. The event consists of two rounds. The first round will be an online round where students will have to upload the solutions to the problem statements on an online platform. The best entries of this round will then qualify to participate in the second and final round where the participants will have to present their solution in a detailed format in front of the judges. The event has an association with the largest professional services network, Delloite.