Expressing ideas and emotions is what we all strive for. And if you love to express yourself through any art form then feel free to do so in Maidan-e-creative. Maidan-e-creative believes that creativity is boundless and welcomes all. Let your ideas and creativity flow with the help of pastels or pallets, brushes or chisels whatever suits you best.
Inquest is one of the most exciting and brainstorming event of Aarohan.The online quiz  revolves around a series of twisted questions and puzzles.With a high participation number  Inquest stands as the most exciting and fun virtual event of Aarohan.
Trivio is a new age game. The trivio is a fun and challenging online quiz where the participants are restricted to a  given amount of time for solving questions. Each question has four options and one  correct answer, on giving the correct answer within the limited time a more challenging  question comes up. Wrong answer or no answer leads to elimination of the participant.
Team AAROHAN presents to you the coding module - DECATHLON!
The smart coders out there, whose brains crave for some bugging and debugging, and the will gets smoothened along the long lines of codes, AAROHAN 2019 has provided you a platform to excel and prove your worth.
WDCT Corner
A big shoutout to all the creative enthusiasts out there!!! This year Aarohan brings to you the second edition of WDCT Corner, the creative exhibition that aims to showcase the creatives of NIT Durgapur. From artworks, paintings to digital illustration, we will showcase a myriad of creative talent.